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Lesson 5: The Changer – Self-Discovery

Acknowledge that a precondition to becoming drug and alcohol free is deciding to take the first step.
Conduct a personal assessment of what is “won” and what is “lost” by ridding oneself of addictive behaviors and habits.
The Changer
This role is referred to as the “magician” in the traditional hero’s journey.  It’s a place of self-awareness.  This […]

Lesson 4: The Warrior – The Healing Circle

Understand that behaviors associated with addiction can be challenged through ceremony designed to assist in the act of “letting go.”
Conduct a healing circle ceremony to acknowledge the symbolic death of the addicted “self” and the beginning of an alcohol and drug-free life.
The Warrior
During the course of the hero’s journey, you may find it necessary to […]

Lesson 3: The Wanderer – Finding One’s Way

Understand that clarifying your values will help you envision a life free of addiction.
Identify and develop strategies to proactively make positive, self-affirming changes in your life.
The Wanderer

The Wanderer is attempting to move towards connecting with other people, searching for a means of support.  The goal is finding acceptance from others and discovering who you […]

Lesson 2: The Caretaker—Making a Difference

Understand that it’s possible to make a positive contribution to the life of someone who is struggling with addiction.

Devise a plan for encouraging positive attitudes and behaviors directed toward recovery from addiction.
The Caretaker

Being the caretaker means placing others (or someone) front and center in your life.  It means caring for someone else’s needs […]

Lesson 1: The Orphan – The Story Begins

Understand that many critical choices you make in life are best understood when viewed against the background of historical perspective and cultural experience.
Start a journal.  Record your personal journey as a way of helping you answer questions about your life and your family, and guiding you to healthy choices and continued wellness.
The Orphan
The orphan phase […]

Raven and the Old Woman

A Coast Salish Story
A long time ago….
Raven was walking down the beach one day when he found a pile of clams on a cedar mat laying at the edge of the sand. The clams were freshly dug and Raven was hungry.
He looked around and far down the beach he could see a woman digging clams. […]

Two Stories

Read the following stories two times and answer the questions that follow.
How Coyote Got His Name
A Story Told by Many Plateau Tribes
A long time ago….
None of the Animal People had names. They had no way of addressing one another other than “Hey you!” or “Cousin”. And after a while they decided they each needed a […]

Lesson 1: Sharing Our Gifts

Terry Cross shared a story where a woman did not share her food with her guests because she was afraid she did not have enough. The Creator was saddened because one should share whatever one has. Can we see the sharing of food as a metaphor (where something lesser represents something greater) and look at […]

Lesson 2: The Creator and Creation

Terry Cross also talks about the Creator and creation. The act of creating is powerful because it connects us with the Creator. To many Native people it is important that one be connected to life and creation through the act of making something.
If we see creation as a metaphor in our lives can we say […]

Lesson 3: The Child in Need

Terry Cross speaks of how his Seneca people view our responsibilities to an abandoned child or a child in need. He says we must help that child whether they are a relative or not. This social responsibility can also be seen as a metaphor with the child being a substitute for us.
All of us feel […]

Lesson 4: The Good Mind and the Twisted Mind

Terry Cross talks about a teaching his Seneca people give that shares the concept of the good mind and the Twisted Mind. As he explains it the Creator is also called the Good Mind and creates things of beauty and balance.  However he has a brother named tormentor also known as Twisted Mind who corrupts […]

Lesson 5: The Trickster

Lesson 5: The Trickster

Terry Cross tells traditional stories that help people see their problems and issues in a different light and allow them to find their own answers from the story. He tells a Coyote story that can be seen as a reference as to how a person can view sexual or physical or […]

Ep. 122: Terry Cross

Terry Cross of the National Indian Child Welfare Association joins the panel for discussion of Roger Fernandes’ videos concerning The Hero’s Journey and the Bear Story.

[This video is temporarily unavailable.]