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Lesson 1: The Orphan—Around the World and Back Again

Understand that gaining a broader perspective sometimes requires separating from the familiar and viewing life through a different lens.


Develop awareness towards the life perspectives of others and be an ally to others who like you, are looking for acceptance and support.
The Orphan
The Orphan represents the feeling of being alone and being in a […]

Lesson 2: The Wanderer—Personal Discovery

Understand that values and beliefs often derive from a “hidden curriculum” which is learned through both formal and informal social channels.

Become a critical consumer of cross-cultural messaging derived from many sources and work with others to bring about transformative visions and social healing.

The Wanderer

The Wanderer is attempting to move towards connecting […]

Lesson 3: The Caretaker


Understand that traditional medicine assists in helping people overcome the negative consequences of trauma and strengthens the cultural practices of all Native people.


Participate in traditional healing ceremonies as an individual or as a member of a group.

The Caretaker

Being the caretaker means placing others (or someone) front and center in your […]

Lesson 4: The Warrior—Overcoming the Enemy Within


Understand that stress is a normal response for someone who has experienced or witnessed a traumatic event, but that prolonged and severe stress reactions require therapeutic intervention.
Learn to recognize the symptoms of post-traumatic stress and proactively address ways to relieve these symptoms.

The Warrior
During the course of the hero’s journey, you may find it […]

Lesson 5: The Changer – Being an Advocate for Change

To recognize that we possess the ability and responsibility to influence and provide support to the things that empower change.
In this activity, you will make a pledge and a plan for making a difference.
The Changer
This role is referred to as the “magician” in the traditional hero’s journey.  It’s a place of self-awareness.  This is the […]