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Jackie Thomas Swanson – Video One

Jackie Thomas Swanson – Video Two

Lesson 1: Personal Identity

Grandparents and Elders in Your Life
In her interview Jackie Thomas Swanson covers a variety of topics she feels are relevant to the cultural and mental well-being of our Native families, tribes, and communities. One area she focuses on is family relationships and how our modern family structures are much different than traditional ones. This dissonance […]

Lesson 2: Who Am I?

Jackie Thomas talks about a person’s self-identity, how a person defines and sees themselves. At one time, in traditional Native culture, a person defined themselves through their tribe, the group they belonged to. They lived their lives and saw the world through the belief that they as an individual were defined by their membership in […]

Lesson 3: Co-Culture Map

Do the following activity to look at the elements of your life that make up your self-identity.
Co-Culture Map Activity
Let’s do a small exercise to help define what makes you who you are. It is called the Co-Culture Map. All you need is paper and pencil.
In the center of a piece of paper write the most […]

Lesson 4: The Medicine Wheel

As the Co-Culture Map activity shows us, human beings are very complex; a weaving of various experiences, beliefs, values, roles, and dreams. This weaving or connectedness can become apparent through a simple exercise like the map and give us a starting point to look at our lives.
Another way to look at the complexity of yourself […]

Lesson 5: Who am I? Part Two

William Shakespeare, the famous English writer created memorable characters that displayed basic human strengths and weaknesses. His work is performed and studied to this day. One reason his characters are so memorable is that he created three levels of a character.
The first level is: who the character is when they are in public. What face […]