Rod McAfee

In life, we are oftentimes misled by addictions (e.g., alcohol, drugs, gambling, or work) and we suddenly find ourselves at a place we never intended to be.  Finding the way back is a tremendously difficult task, yet it’s one we are all capable of accomplishing.  In listening to Rod McAfee, Akimel O’odham (Pima) Nation, the common theme of separation emerges in his story.  Rod faced separation several ways — from his family, his culture, and from his past.  Separation creates feelings of isolation which lead to disconnect with the outside world.

The following lessons provide opportunity for exploring your own story and for considering the stories of others.  They are intended to help restore the power of self to those working to escape from the clutches of addictions.   The lessons will serve as a guide, and help you to revisit your past and to reconnect to the things that provide you with positive support.