Becoming an addict is like arriving at a destination to an unknown place, and upon arrival, wondering how you got there. While an addict may feel lost, there is a way back. The hero's journey is like a guided tour on the road to recovery. By following the steps of the hero, you can begin to see the path that will bring you back to the place of transformation, to the place of personal wellness.

Addictions continue to be one of the most pressing public health concerns throughout many American Indian and Alaskan Native communities. The list of addictive behaviors is long, with some familiar ones being alcohol, drugs, nicotine, gambling and even work. Facing the challenges of an addictive lifestyle requires commitment and hard work, combined with an acceptance of help from others. The following lessons will help you to understand and rediscover your true self, and will help you to reclaim your personal power. As you work through unresolved issues you will begin to recognize and believe you have the ability to control your life.

Additional information on the three storytelling models used in Discovering Our Story can be found here.