Discovering Our Story Television

Upcoming Production Workshops

Mainstream media has not always portrayed Native Americans in a positive light, perpetuating confusing, negative images of the stoic warrior, or passive, vanishing sage. This has had a profound impact on Native peoples, especially our youth. Wisdom of the Elders is offering scholarships to attend our upcoming workshops for Native American youth, adults and elders interested in learning media production. An increasing amount of media is being created by Native American Producers that accurately and authentically share tribal stories and oral histories. This helps to strengthen our identity and resiliency as Native peoples and increase pride in our rich heritage.

Video Production training: This workshop will demonstrate how to share your story using video through hands-on activities and group collaborations.

Television Studio Production: This workshop will include three training sessions plus one session as volunteer crew on our community produced studio program, Discovering Our Story.

Contact: Daniel Dixon, 503.775.4014, [email protected]