Terry Cross

Terry Cross is an enrolled member of the Seneca Nation of Indians, one of the original five, and later six tribes known as the Iroquois Confederacy. Terry is developer, founder, and executive director of the National Indian Child Welfare Association.

Cross reflects on the strength and power that exists in the lives of Indians, and the qualities that have inspired perseverance in the work being done to better the lives of Native people.

Cross also recognizes the relationship we have with the Creator, and in being creative, he says, “. . . as I am carving, I’m watching this block of wood and I suddenly can see the bear emerging out of the block of wood. I thought this is really cool, because I was sitting there and it didn’t feel like it had much to do with me. . . the bear was in that block of wood, and all I had to do was remove the wood that wasn’t the bear.”

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