Toby Joseph

Toby Joseph (Apache, Navajo, Seneca and Ute) is a Storyteller, Videographer and Producer, with certification in video production training as a graduate of Bates Technical College. Toby grew up living and playing in the caves around Garden Of The Gods in Manitou Springs, CO at the base of Tava, Sun Mountain (Pikes Peak) with his parents and grandmother.

In the late 1970′s, with the last of the Indian relocation efforts of the U.S. Government, they were relocated to Tacoma, WA where Toby continued his cultural education with Jim Agawa, Director of the Tacoma Indian Education program, and Phil Lucas, a Choctaw Baha’i filmmaker who produced “The Honour of All”, a Docu-drama of the successful rehabilitation from alcoholism by the Alkali Lake Band of British Columbia, re-enacted by the people who lived it.

Founding S.A.V.A.G.E UP Productions, Toby produced “It’s Twulshootseed Time” a children’s series for the Language Program at the Puyallup Indian Tribe. He also serves as a Producer and contributor to Wisdom’s Discovering Our Story.

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