Career Pathways Planning Curriculum

Lesson Plans: Part Two

Lesson Three: Self-Identity

Traditional philosophies hold that each individual has a purpose in the world and a power that gives them meaning. Sometimes we look at ourselves and don’t understand this. We feel that we are simply “me” and that isn’t very meaningful or exciting. Sometimes we need to step back and see the many varied elements that make us who we are; make us unique and important.

The following chart outlines our Elder’s stories with particular roles, mentors, and life experiences that influenced and helped support the development of themselves as people and in defining a career path. Please review and identify the purpose that each role serves. Kevin Goodluck is completed as an example. The last line is left blank for you to complete an example about yourself. Please discuss with a counselor, friend, family member, or elder.


Role, Mentor, Experience


Kevin Goodluck Volunteer at the hospital as a teenager. Kevin helped in the community. He was recognized by people as being supportive and of service. He gained self confidence that helped him prepare to become a doctor.
Kevin Goodluck Mentor: Jim Shorty. Kevin had an engineering student point out his ability in science with recognition that becoming a doctor was a suitable career.
Kevin Goodluck Brother’s alcohol incident resulting in conviction. Kevin witnessed alcohol, fighting, and an unfair conviction, and the pain caused while witnessing his brother coming through this to develop his own career of becoming a counselor.
John Spence Friends getting him a summer job at race track and plywood mill.
John Spence Life guard job.
Frank Alby Kids in uniforms.
Frank Alby Working at Chemawa Indian School.
Marc Anderson “Math was fun for me.”
Marc Anderson Henry Rodriguez was an Elder and great mentor for me.
Ben Rhodd “Superintendent … the first time any man, that was not of my own tribe, not of my family, had ever reached across to me and shook my hand. He said, 'I expect you to live to what I said that I needed for you to do.'” 
Ben Rhodd “Listening to the Archeologist… I was fascinated… it was a realization that I had found something that challenged me as a person intellectually, physically.”
Marilyn Balluta “Growing up in the village, and being school age, the Na'Dene language was spoken amongst our elders, and the Na’Dene traditions were still strong amongst our elders.”