Dr. Theresa Maresca

Lesson 5– Changer

Lesson 5– Changer

Goal: Cycle of Change


Activity: Watch Theresa Maresca’s interview on Video 3

Group discussion and Reflection

The Magician/Changer

The magician is one who can change things he has a gift to be shared with the people of his/her Native people that has been learned through their own personal journey.

Many traditional stories hold answers to our questions but many of us will take a journey seeking answers to questions like, “Who am I? Where do I belong? And why is my life this way?”  We grow in stages and seasons much like our plant relatives.  The plant relatives adapt to seasonal changes and perform their personal purposes as the Creator has designed them to and they are a part of what helps us to survive this changing world helping us to have filtered air to breathe, nourishing the earth, and returning each year to bring us the gifts of nourishment and healing as long as we receive and use them in good faith as our ancestors had done so many years before our existence.

The animal relatives gave us the answers to what plants were safe to use in healing wounds and sickness and like the plant relatives they are able to adapt and return to offer their gifts of nourishment and healing as long as we use them in good faith as the ancestors; in good faith meaning to take their gift of life in an honorable way and receive it as a gift.

Cycle of Change

What does the “Cycle of Change” have to do with Type 2 Diabetes?  It has everything to do with understanding the prophecies of our tribes in relation to transformation of the world, our current life, and bringing balance and harmony into the world and our lives.

Terry Maresca shares a story about a School Teaching Garden of the Snoqualmie community used in restoring traditional foods.  This story demonstrates a cycle of change or a transformation of consciousness  being passed onto the children of the community that provide traditional ecological knowledge of their culture, history and nutrition to bring balance into their immediate environment, their community, and their lives.

“Little kids, they’re 6 and 7 years old.  And they’re walking in with a big squash, it’s like a big ceremony, they’re walking as a parade, into the school and hopefully learning how to cook this, eat this, and what this is all about.  I’m thinking wow, I’m so lucky to have my clinic right here to see this because it’s the prevention of what is happening, not just in the school system, but in our homes.”

Dr. Theresa Maresca

Theresa is able to see a cycle of change occurring with the children as they are learning to care for the vegetables in their community garden, learning to cook and eat their healthy foods while revitalizing the environment, their culture, and their health along with finding a way to bring that balance back into the community and with their environment as a means towards changing the health of the next generation.

It is the gift of giving back to the community that Theresa was able to do when she was asked to help create a healing garden for the Snoqualmie communities.  She was able to use her traditional ecological knowledge that had been passed on from her family, community and ancestors that are helping her to return this gift back to the next generation.

We all live through experiences and at some point of our lives share words of wisdom with others or return a gift to our communities and families as a part of our cultural practices.

We carry the answers but sometimes we must go on a journey to realize that we have what it takes to help ourselves with whatever the problems we may be facing whether it be our physical, mental, or spiritual


Transformation of our consciousness; based on the current state of our world we have lost balance with the natural environment.  Our environment is being polluted and becoming sick just as our Native Prophets have predicted and we are also following that same change.


Discuss Transformation

Share a story from your tribe about transformation or of prophecy that will or is affecting the world we now live in and how these changes affect how we live, the diseases we are seeing do to these changes and what are different tribes doing to help with healing their people.


For many, changing lifestyles and modifying world views have a quality about them akin to dying. For, indeed, such changes mean the end of the familiar world; but death isn't necessary. Imagine a caterpillar. It lives its life voraciously eating leaves until one day through some mysterious impulse it wraps itself in a cocoon and emerges some time later as a butterfly. It no longer creeps along on branches eating leaves, but takes wing and flies from flower to flower sipping nectar. The caterpillar didn't die, it transformed itself.

The disaster can be averted if we come into balance with our environment.


Write a reflection using all five lessons and pick several words of wisdom to describe how they might help you make changes towards healing and controlling diabetes. Bring  your Native culture in balance with western lifestyle.