Terry Cross

Lesson 4: The Good Mind and the Twisted Mind

Terry Cross talks about a teaching his Seneca people give that shares the concept of the good mind and the Twisted Mind. As he explains it the Creator is also called the Good Mind and creates things of beauty and balance.  However he has a brother named tormentor also known as Twisted Mind who corrupts things and brings ugliness and chaos to the world. These two forces need to be balanced and that is often our struggle. We must work to maintain that balance between the two.

There is another teaching told by different tribes that addresses the same concept with different metaphors.

“Inside me are two dogs that are always fighting. One dog is good and one is bad. They fight all the time and I wonder which one will win. And I realize the one that will win is the one I feed the most.”


What are your feelings about Good Mind? Can you list the things in your life that represent Good Mind?

What are the things you see as the work of Twisted Mind in you life?

How do find a balance between these elements in your life?

How would you tell people about the fight between the two dogs inside you?