Terry Cross

Lesson 2: The Creator and Creation

Terry Cross also talks about the Creator and creation. The act of creating is powerful because it connects us with the Creator. To many Native people it is important that one be connected to life and creation through the act of making something.

If we see creation as a metaphor in our lives can we say that we can create a new life for ourselves free of anger and bitterness? How do we create a new life? Review the Hero’s journey section of this curriculum and see if there are some clues in that mythic story all cultures tell.


How can we see the act of creation in terms of our lives? How would you go about creating a new you? What is the first thing you would change?

Do you feel you are the Creator in your life? Do you feel you have the power to create good things in your life?

How do you express your creative nature? Do you cook or garden? Do you draw or paint? Do you write or rap? Do you sing or dance?

How often do you express your creative nature? Can you make more time to carry out your gift?