Terry Cross

Lesson 1: Sharing Our Gifts

Terry Cross shared a story where a woman did not share her food with her guests because she was afraid she did not have enough. The Creator was saddened because one should share whatever one has. Can we see the sharing of food as a metaphor (where something lesser represents something greater) and look at things we might be afraid to share? As members of families and communities, is it necessary to share our gifts with one another be it food or our stories or our ideas?


Is it possible that we all have special hidden gifts or talents we don’t share for fear that people might criticize us or even laugh at us? A talent like singing or cooking or writing?

Do you have a gift or talent that no one knows about because you don’t believe it is important enough or you don’t think you are talented enough? Sometimes we compare ourselves to talented individuals and don’t feel we measure up to them and close the door on ourselves.

Do you have a hidden talent or gift? Describe it.

Why is it hidden? Why don’t you find a way to share it?