Delores George & Evelyn Umtuch

History of the Lemhi Shoshone

The Lemhi Shoshone are called Agaidikas, Salmon-Eater and Tukudikas, Sheep-Eater. They originally occupied the Lemhi valley located by Salmon Idaho but were forcibly removed to the Fort Hall Idaho Reservation of southern Idaho.  Other members of the Lemhi Shoshone live on the Wind River Reservation in Wyoming, far from their original lands at the crest of the Rocky Mountains on the Montana-Idaho border. Sacagawea was born into the Lemhi Shoshone tribe about the year 1788, and spent the first twelve years of her life in this region.

The Lemhi hunted buffalo, elk, deer, and fished for salmon as traditional foods of their people.  They have traditional roots but one very important plant/root of their tribe is the Camas.  There was a war in 1878 because farmers allowed their pigs to root themselves in the Camas valley.  Many tribes place a high value on their traditional foods due to the nutritional value and sacredness of the foods yearly return, cooking, preserving, and the Indigenous knowledge of the roots are learned through oral traditions-traditional stories.

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