The Hero's Journey

Healing Circles writer Roger Fernandes (University of Washington) is from the Lower Elwah S'Klallam reservation located on the Olympic Peninsula. An educator for 30 years, Fernandes has developed the structural model for our curriculum project which is using Hero's Journey stories to teach people health and wellness. He especially acknowledges elders as that primary source of guidance saying, "It's a very important aspect of the journey."

"You need an elder to guide you - to help you to figure things out. In the story, Elder appears to help you. "And so that's the hero's journey of transformation - of transforming from one person who's alone, confused and wandering into a person who has a place in their culture and has an understanding of who they are."

Historical Trauma Resource Sheet

1. Establishment of Reservations

2. Shifting and forcing the thinking from a inclusive and connected (circle) to a linear and disconnected (square)

3. Removal of children to Boarding Schools

4. Removal of children from homes

5. Refusal of “allowing” Native Americans to use their own language

6. Forced sterilization of women in many tribes

7. Frequent systemic violations against Native Americans by the government and law enforcement

8. Racism and stereotyping

9. Removal of group focus and encouragement of individuality focus

10. Lack of trust in others – non native peoples, native peoples in tribal governments, lack of confidentiality in system

11. 90% reduction of Native American population since European dominance

12. Legally and militarily stopping ceremonies, healing practices, and spirituality