Little Girl Who Was I-I-esh

Values Guide Us

A value is a deep belief we hold about a certain concept and guides our life in accordance with that belief. We learned our most basic values when we were so young we can’t often explain how we got it. We learned these from our families, our communities, and culture.
In this lesson we will listen and learn from The Little Girl Who Was I-I-esh. Understanding values will emerge as we examine this story

Cultural Values

Native vs. Dominant Society Values

Cultural Values Conflict

A strain on Native cultures that fine themselves colonized by an invading culture is that the dominant culture often demands the colonized to change their core cultural values to meet the expectations of the invader. This causes a dissonance, between what the Native cultures believe and practice and the demands of the oppressor.  This condition can add to the historical trauma as the values and beliefs of a culture are challenged and oftentimes ridiculed and prohibited. This can cause disconnection with family, tribal members, and ancestors. For the individual it can cause shame, confusion, and self-hatred.

Native Values                                                           Dominant Society Values

Egalitarian/Group Support                                      Individualistic/Promote the self

Cooperation                                                               Competition

Extended family                                                        Nuclear family

Social responsibility at a young age                                    Extended childhood

Sharing                                                                       Accumulating for self

Group honors                                                                        Individual honors

Old age/Elders valued                                              Youth/the Young valued

Judged by action                                                       Judged by credentials

Moderation of speech                                              Speed of speech

Respect for Nature                                                   Control Nature

Relative time                                                              Exact time

Holistic view of health                                              Fix evident problem

Can you think of other Native cultural values and Dominant Culture values that operate in opposition?